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A new initiative from Tyler School of Art Dean’s Student Advisory Council (DSAC): Life After Tyler podcasts! The DSAC asked for career workshops they could fit into a student’s busy schedule, so we will be producing podcasts for you to listen to while you run, commute, or work in the studio. Watch for these helpful podcasts periodically (the goal is to produce at least one every other week). If you would like to suggest a topic, or if you would like to make one yourself, contact Student Life (
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Oct 22, 2018

These are on-the-spot interviews with Tyler Alumni at the 2018 Art Market held on October 19, 2018. I asked several alumni what they wish they knew when they were at Tyler. Hopefully, you'll hear this and learn what they wish they knew while you're here!


Aug 8, 2018

Noting the long history of censorship in the comic book world, this panel will explore the role comics, editorial cartoons, and graphic illustration play in issues of censorship and free speech, as well as the history of censorship of comics in the US. Paying particular attention to the use of stereotypes in political cartoons and free speech on college campuses, our panelists discuss the complexities surrounding these issues.

Sandra Suárez, Professor of Political Science at Temple University

Signe Wilkinson, Editorial Cartoonist,
Laura Little, Professor of Law and Government, Temple University
Jennifer Cruté, Comic Artist & Graphic Designer

At one point in the presentation, Prof. Little plays a video. Here it is if you would like to reference it.

This panel was recorded at Temple's College of Liberal Arts Graphic Thinking Conference, on October 17, 2017.

Jul 12, 2018

Listen to this panel discussion from people who are doing rather unexpected things with their degrees. All are in creative fields. They will tell you a little bit about how they got where they are, plus give you some excellent advice to help you navigate your own creative life and career!

  • Holly Quinn, Printmaking major, now Senior Technical Writer for Delaware
  • Melissa Hamilton, English/Creative Writing major, now Community Engagement Co-Director with Cultureworks Philadelphia
  • Ryan Sun, Film and Media Arts major, now Junior Editor at AlkemyX
  • Jordan Spector, Kinesiology major, now a freelance professional artist at Spector Art
  • Moderator: Fiona Fackler, Art History major, graduated May 2018.

Sound quality is as good as I could make it. Please bear with the really tough parts--they are few and far between and if you don't understand questions, the answers will still be useful.

Jun 8, 2018

A key challenge for many artists is continuing to focus on the art they love while earning a living that affords them the lifestyle they desire. A number of new and creative career choices and paths are available which allow you to develop the professional life you desire.

This is the opening panel discussion from our Artist as Entrepreneur Bootcamp workshop held January 20, 2018. Panelists include:

  • Ashley Peel Pinkham, co-owner, Philadelphia Independents
  • Tiffica Benza, co-owner, Philadelphia Independents
  • Joy Stember, owner, Joy Stember Metal Arts Studio
  • William Farr, owner, Will Farr Design
  • Emily Logan, Moderator

If you would like to read their full bios, click here to download.